About StarBriteTM

StarbriteTM High Performance Acid-activated bleaching earths are manufactured from selected high-quality Montmorillonite clays.

The absorptive properties of these clays are enhanced by treatment with mineral acid, to increase the surface area and pore volume, prior to washing, drying and milling to the desired particle size distribution.

Properties of StarBriteTM
  • Higher Bleachability

  • Lower Oil Filteration Time

  • Lower Oil Retention

  • Appropriate Moisture Content

  • Controlled Bulk Density

  • Controlled residual Acidity
Application of StarBrite

StarbriteTM Acid-Activated bleaching earths have been designed to remove coloured impurities, trace metals, residual phosphatides and oxidized materials.

They also find significant application in the purification of aromatic compounds and removal of sulfur, acid - tars, acid - sludge and sulfonic acid.