Appropriate Moisture Content
The moisture content is specified so that our customer knows that we are not selling them too much water, and as an indicator that the bleaching earth powder will be free flowing. In reality, the best bleaching performance is achieved when the bleaching earth is at about 15% moisture content. At above 18% moisture content the flow properties of the bleaching earth powder start to deteriorate. At below 8% moisture content the porosity of the bleaching earth is reduced, and below 4% the deterioration in porosity is more significant. 10 to 12% moisture content is therefore the most appropriate level.
Properties of StarBriteTM
Higher Bleachability
Lower OFT
Lower Oil Retention
Appropriate Moisture Content
Controlled Bulk Density
Controlled Residual Acidity
Quality Management System
Certified by Bureau Veritas
as per ISO 9001 : 2008