Mineral Oils
StarbriteTM Acid-Activated bleaching earths have been designed to remove coloured impurities, trace metals, residual phosphatides and oxidized materials.

They also find significant application in the purification of aromatic compounds and removal of sulfur, acid - tars, acid - sludge and sulfonic acid.

StarbriteTM helps in effective reduction and control of different oil parameters like peroxide value, ansidine value, UV-absorption value and FFA contents. This helps to maintain the Natural odor and test for bleached oils and gives them a longer shelf life ensuring no color reversal.

It is mainly used in refining of :

  • Mineral oils like Insulating oil, Rolling oil, Lube oil & Waste oil.
  • Vegetable oils & Hydrogenated Vanaspati ghee oils.
  • Animal Fats like tallow oil, fish oil & lard oil.

StarbriteTM is also used in Bleaching of Sulphur & in Effluent treatment plants.

Application of StarbriteTM
Mineral Oils
Veg. Oils & Hydrogenated Vanaspati Ghee
Animal Fats
Quality Management System
Certified by Bureau Veritas
as per ISO 9001 : 2008