Lower Oil Filteration Time
We perform a complete particle size analysis to ensure that the earth is not too fine which can choke the filters and can be a potential problem to our valued customers. However at the same time we maintain a narrow particle size distribution, which increases the speed at which the oil is filtered.

Too long an Oil-Filtration Time will result in a low production capacity. Too short an Oil-Filtration Time is also undesirable, as the oil would not benefit from the press-bleach effect, which is a concentration effect resulting in lowering the color of the oil as it flows through the spent bleaching earth. The oil-filtration time is measured utilizing a state-of the art constant temperature filtration apparatus.
Properties of StarBriteTM
Higher Bleachability
Lower OFT
Lower Oil Retention
Appropriate Moisture Content
Controlled Bulk Density
Controlled Residual Acidity
Quality Management System
Certified by Bureau Veritas
as per ISO 9001 : 2008