Storage, Handling & Recycle
High-performance acid-activated bleaching earth has a high surface area and a high absorption capacity, and will rapidly absorb moisture and other vapours from the environment. It is therefore necessary to store the bleaching earth in a clean-dry place away from and strong odours and vapours.


High-performance bleaching earth is extensively activated, and has a specifically designed particle-size distribution. It should not be subject to excessive forces, which could damage the particles, as this would result in longer oil-filtration times and lower performance.

It is recommended that where pneumatic conveying of the bleaching earths is used, any bends in the pipe-work should be less than 90 degrees and with a radius of at least 1 metre.

Re-use & Recycle
Spent bleaching earth may be utilized in a number of ways including the following:
  • Incorporated into meal.
  • The oil can be recovered by solvent extraction or with caustic soda lye. The extracted oil is most beneficially utilized for technical applications.
  • Spent earth can be added to the feed to biogas reactors where the energy of the oil will be beneficial.
  • Spent bleaching earth of high oil content, i.e. of 20 to 30% oil retention has similar calorific value to lignite, and may be used as a fuel, e.g. in cement and brick manufacture.
  • The oil retained in spent bleaching earth makes it an ideal additive for soil enrichment.
Quality of StarBrite
Storage, Handling & Recycle
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